About us
About us

To help your company improve processes in data protection, storage, supply chain and asset visibility through innovative and modern solutions, SDI partnered up with the biggest U.S. data security & technology giants CDSG, CRU, DIGISTOR, ioSafe, and WiebeTech.

Track what matters most

We offer consulting services and intuitive products in data protection, hardware & software integration, data transportation and recovery as well as, tool and asset tracking so that you can locate, track and sense what’s important to you.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Riga, Latvia ( The Baltic States), SDI provides intelligent solutions:

1. Safeguard data against cyberattacks and shield it from physical disasters to ensure its integrity and availability.

2. Effectively obtain digital evidence while ensuring the secure transportation of critical data.

3. Enhance the protection of sensitive information vital to military, government, and intelligence agencies.

4. Elevate supply chain and asset visibility to optimize logistics and enhance human productivity.