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IoSafe stands as a pinnacle of data security, providing unparalleled fortification against unforeseen environmental threats. With an unwavering commitment to durability, our cutting-edge storage solutions set the standard in safeguarding critical information.

IoSafe’s meticulously engineered external hard drives and network-attached storage devices are not only fireproof but also waterproof, ensuring the resilience of your data in the face of adversity.

Whether you are an individual seeking robust backup solutions or a business entrusted with safeguarding vital data assets, IoSafe delivers uncompromising reliability in the most extreme conditions.

Entrust your data to IoSafe’s fortress-like security, where our dedication to innovation and resilience ensures the integrity of your information remains unassailable.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Available products

1522+ NAS
220+ NAS
218 NAS